Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Rose Necklace

As promised, here's a picture of something made from The Duck Brand® Duct Tape, Velcro® Brand Fasteners, and Westcott Brand cutting tools. I made a rose. It's attached to a starburst backing with Velcro that hangs on a cord. I'm wearing it as a necklace in one photo. The second photo shows it against a white background.

I'm having fun working with the supplies. The Westcott Brand tools are great. The scissors are cutting the duct tape with no problem. I've use the cutter for the duct tape sheets. Again, no stickiness and a great result.

I have several ideas for the duct tape samples. I didn't know it came in zebra stripes and camouflage. Too cool!

Off to work some more! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Modern Surrealist Marisa Pawelko said...

I LOVE it!!!!! The camo and hot pink go so well together!!!! 2 Groovy Baby!!!!

Ava Green said...

Thanks, Marisa! Wait till you see the rest of the project!