Monday, July 01, 2013

Hiking at Roan Mountain State Park, 6/30/2013

I went hiking yesterday with my friend Karen. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! We went to Roan Mountain State Park. We hiked around the Rhododendron Gardens some. The rhododendrons weren't at their peak but it was still pretty.
overlook at the Rhododendron Gardens

showing the base of the rhododendrons

High Bluff Trail was our next venture. The trail itself was interesting with the undergrowth of the rhododendrons all tangled together. The overlook at the end was well worth the hike! I took a panorama picture of the view showing the blue sky, white clouds and green plants.

panorama from High Bluff Trail, Roan Mountain State Park

From there we hiked up to Round Bald which is actually on the Appalachian Trail. I can now say that I have hiked a portion of the trail (okay, a small portion).
panorama at Round Bald, Roan Mountain State Park

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